Making Matcha like a purist


Preparation of USUCHA

Usucha is the standard thin textured Matcha.
Preheat bowl with boiling water. Pour out the water once the bowl is hot. Wipe the bowl dry.
In order to improve the taste and avoid lumps, I strongly recommend that you sift the Matcha before whisking for a smooth texture. This is an essential step.
Place about 2 Chashaku or 1 teaspoon of (sifted) Matcha powder (2g) into the Chawan bowl. Pour about 60g of water at 80C in the bowl onto the matcha/
Whisk the mixture with a bamboo whisk until it becomes very frothy and has a rich foam with tiny bubbles.

Tip for Whisking: To create a rich and foamy froth, which is an important element of USUCHA thin Matcha, first, whisk slowly over the entire bottom inside of the Matcha Bowl, so that the Chasen bamboo bristle tips touch the bottom inside of the Matcha Bowl. Then quickly whisk the upper half of the Matcha brew, moving the bamboo Chasen quickly like writing the letter "W" or a “M”. It is not a circular stirring motion. Move your wrist back and forth very quickly in short jerks. This method creates a nice frothy lather and helps to improve the shelf life of the bamboo Chasen.