Christophe’s signature consultancy uses agile frameworks to deliver powerful results, sooner. This service is for clients who need a finely tailored, personalised and complete solution to whatever problem or challenge is at hand. No dealing with teams, or big unwieldy corporations. You get one single expert to yourself, whether you’re a start-up entrepreneur, or an established FMCG brand.

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New Product Development

Christophe will help you define and refine your idea to arrive at the product your consumer really wants. His preferred agile sprint methodology gets prototypes to you faster, engages creative collaboration, and sees your product on the market in weeks.
- Fluid formulations for your project - Innovative drinks solutions for crowded markets

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Menu design & creation

Upgrade your menu with strategic additions that put you on the crest of each trend. Christophe will work with you to design entire menus, menu categories and individual drinks which will express your brand, tap into new markets, and retain loyalty. Alcoholic, non-alcoholic, cold and hot drinks - or drinks categories that haven’t been invented yet.

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Value adding ingredients

Christophe seeks out the rare, revered and on-trend ingredients that will communicate your chosen message to your chosen market. Remember, the finished result is only as good as the raw stuff that went into it, so don’t compromise.