About Botanical Experiences

Botanical experiences are infinite. Botanical Experiences unlocks all the infinite potential and possibility of the plant kingdom. A new project from Christophe Reissfelder, it offers a highly customisable & diverse portfolio of plant-based services which draw on a central pool of botanical expertise. With a focus on drinks creation, and encompassing consultancy, product development, workshops and events. Botanical Experiences gives its clients new & unprecedented solutions to old problems. Its particular expertise is integrating rare, medicinal & psychoactive plants into the mainstream and into everyday experience.


About Christophe

Christophe is the co-founder, former creative director and recipe developer of drinks brand Botanic Lab. Botanical Experiences is where he went next, journeying even deeper into the mysterious and under-charted world of botanical plants. Christophe believes firmly that plants can impact on all levels of our experience and, harnessed precisely and correctly, can offer essential, better tools for modern life. Christophe is based in London, and in France and the various, other remote and extraordinary natural habitats where he sources his ingredients.

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